Aiden Korwitz (Hops)

A former E.F.S.F. pilot serving on the Gold Road.


A former Ensign in the E.F.S.F. who served as a pilot in the One Year War after an emergency training regimen designed to bring as many pilots to A Baoa Qu as possible. He discharged immediately after the war ended, and returned to civilian life before joining AEUG shortly after its founding. He now pilots suits aboard the Gold Road.

Aiden appears to be energetic and witty, although much of his humor can come off as self-deprecating.

His call sign, Hops, is supposedly the result of a piloting instructor constantly mocking his farming background, but another story is circulating among the Gold Road’s crew that it has more to do with recreational alcohol consumption.

Aiden Korwitz (Hops)

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